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President and CEO : Eiji Tokita

Thank you for visiting the website of Hulic Reit Management Co., Ltd.

Our company was established on April 1, 2013, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hulic Co., Ltd., to act as the asset management company of its real estate investment trust (REIT). On November 7 of the same year, to coincide with the establishment of Hulic Reit, Inc. (“Hulic Reit”), the associated asset management contract was concluded.

We share with the Hulic Group a corporate philosophy that calls for us to deliver products and services that form the foundation of customers’ activities in society and to thereby make an ongoing contribution to achieving “Total commitment to customers and community. Creating productive environments. Creating amenity. Promoting peace of mind.” We enjoy a commitment from the Hulic Group to provide sponsor support.

We will take maximum advantage of this sponsor support to work for both the external and internal growth of Hulic Reit, combining this backup with our independent initiatives. By doing so, we will maintain and improve Hulic Reit’s revenues in the medium to long term and achieve growth in the size and value of the operating assets, thus working to continuously maximize value for the unitholders.

At the same time, our employees and officers are committed to working successfully as a team to meet the expectations of unitholders and all other stakeholders through operational management prioritizing unitholder return, while taking measures to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure objectivity. Going forward, we hope we can rely on your continuing invaluable support.